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Transport service organizations


Many companies do not have their own full fleet of vehicles to solve internal problems, transportation of employees or business partners. In this regard, the company " DTC "Kamchatka" offers transport services to organizations of any type and size, namely:

Meeting and seeing off delegations at the airport

Daily delivery of employees

Travel between branches of organizations

Transfers to corporate events

Advantages of transport service at " DTC " Kamchatka"

  • Economy - there is no need to maintain a fleet if you need it.

  • Any volume - we are ready to provide any number of cars for Your needs.

  • Urgency - possibility to book a car 2 hours before the trip.

  • Discounts - for corporate clients there is a flexible system of discounts.

  • Minimum documents - to work with " DTC "Kamchatka" requires only one contract.

  • Mobility - if the car breaks down, we will immediately file a replacement so that You are mobile 24/7.

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